jeudi 7 août 2014

Memories, memories...

( lire en français )
Starting in 2010 with Italian Memories, I propose to turn again some pages of my traveling album. My life’s album. Pictures from France and elsewhere, so far away and still so near. With music and dance, or behind the scenes of a movie set, some privileged moments that I wish to share with you… I wish you all very happy holidays until we meet again… very soon !

1956 - Trying a dance step under the guidance
of a flamenco teacher in Sitges

1965 - An off stage photograph by Paul Marais,
 a talented friend

1965 - A modern dance improvised for a photo shoot

1965 - A summer in Lot.
A scene from the french TV serie Chevalier Bayard
with René Roussel

In Italy - Hotel Excelsior, during a cocktail
celebrating the first shooting day
of Mankiewicz's superproduction Cleopatra

1964 - Sitting in the oriental salon of the family house.
A reminiscence of the film : Terror of the tongs

At the Pré Catelan restaurant - with Claudine Auger.
In competition for the role of Domino
in the next James Bond film :Thunderbird
but friends in real life

1966 - A picture from a set.
Some tests as a blonde for future film projects