mardi 15 juin 2010

Save Bray studios

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Before leaving you for a few weeks of holidays, I wished to draw your attention to the “Save Bray Studios” petition.

While reading Robert J.E. Simpson’s blog (one of my blog followers), I learned (and deplored) that the current owners of the famous studios had decided to turn the lot into apartments for sale.

Bray studios seemed to run in slow motion for some time.
Unable to provide the necessary funds to renew the technical equipment, they decided to pull the plug on its activities.
If this was to happen, it would be a grave loss to the heritage of the British cinema industry.

A lot of memories (1) and international successes are linked to these studios. Hammer’s films, of course, and other productions now turned cult movies, such as THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.

This lot obviously is of great value, and it would be wise to preserve it by demanding, as it has been proposed, to turn it into a cinema museum and/or a site for teaching the art of cinema.
I support the proponents of this beautiful project and wish them a lot of success.

Happy holidays to you all.
Thanks you for your kind messages. I’ll meet you again in September.

1 – That’s where I shot BRIDES OF DRACULA and THE TERROR OF THE TONGS, my two Hammer pictures.

Robert's blog:
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4 commentaires:

Robert JE Simpson a dit…

Thank you so much for your message of support, and for helping to spread awareness of the campaign.

It means much to the cause and a great deal to me personally to read your post!

merçi encore


Marie a dit…

Merci and Thank you for sharing this information, as well as Mr. Simpson's blog.

Aussi, si je peut commentaire sur vos plus vieux messages,pourrait vous lire peut-être? ☺
Bonnes vacances!

Anonyme a dit…

Hello from Burry Port in Wales. I just watched The Brides of Dracula for the first time in many years. You were hot and didn't deserve to become one of the undead. Baron Meinster had a terrible hairstyle and didn't deserve you.

Best regards,

Mike x

Anonyme a dit…

I enjoyed watching The Brides of Dracula. Your acting and performance was great(super). I vacationed in Nice France last summer. The city was very beautiful, just like you.

Best Regards,
MS (Valley Forge, PA USA)