dimanche 28 novembre 2010

My Romantic Russia

During weekends, when my beloved son does not bring me my grand children (1), I usually go out and visit the Parisian museums.

It has been my passion for a long time and I even do it when travelling – I keep wonderful memories of the magnificent exhibit on the French Impressionists in Washington DC in 2002 and, lately, of the splendors of the Ermitage in Saint-Petersburg.

A dance lesson by Madame Egorova, who was, among others, a teacher to Noureev and Lifar ( 1956)

I already mentioned to you my Slavic origins. You can imagine how impatient I was to discover the “Russie romantique” exhibition organized by the “Musée de la vie romantique” in Paris.
A modest exhibit, I agree, but I really appreciated the beauty of the works.
A selection of sculptures and paintings (quaint landscapes and portraits) loaned by the Tretiakov museum, and attesting the artistic effervescence of the times. I was dazzled by the painting “The Tempest” by Maxime Vorobiev.
There was also a sculpture representing Pushkin who is, along with Chekhov, one of my favorite writers.

All these great past figures inevitably recalled many childhood memories.
The artistic environment I grew up in, a father who was a poet and a great traveler of the imaginary, celebrated by his contemporaries (2), a mother who played piano and dansed Russian ballets. She was able to perform a tango on her toes with great virtuosity.
A maternal grandmother, whom I loved very much, and who passed onto me her liking for the arts and cinema. She was rushing to see all of my films ! Dear beloved Babou who communicated me her unshakable « joie de vivre ». She still lives in me.

Mother, a beautiful woman whose invisible presence I still feel ( 1930)

« La Russie romantique » is a current exhibit in Paris, rue Chaptal, but it has also been forever a living family in my heart, where all of my dearest ones, dead or alive, still accompany me every day of my life.

1- The elder loves music. When he comes to visit me, he loves to play with the living room guitar.
2 - Pierre Bédat de Monlaur ( 1907- 1990)
He was a librettist for Honegger. He received many distinctions, including the silver medal of the city of Paris.

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Anonyme a dit…

What a fascinating family ! Thanks for sharing the memories and happy new year, Dear Yvonne.


Roderick Verden a dit…

Hey Ivonne. Your mother was a beautiful woman likes you.

I'm a brazilian man, so, forgive my bad english. I love terror films.

In my blogs I posted yours pictures.