mardi 17 avril 2012

Muriel, a very special nurse

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I did not have an important part in MISSION TO CARACAS.

With the wardrobe lady, I had found some clothing ideas in order to make my scenes more entertaining. In turn a nurse, a scheming lady, a gold digger, a fighter, Muriel had to have outfits as versatile as herself.

With this album, I’m closing the evocation of this Raoul André film.

Children are treasures but Muriel prefers diamonds.

With Janine Reynaud, a cruise companion, on the road to the port.

With Jany Clair. Nurses on the deck.

With Janine Reynaud. The passengers see Rod Carter land on the boat, dangling from a helicopter.

Each character is moved by its own inclinations.

A mysterious appointment on land throws Muriel in troubled waters.

With Dominique St Pierre.

Left to right : With Dominique Page, Mireille Granelli and Janine Reynaud.

The gang of nurses prepares to loot the office of a diamond smuggler.

With Janine Reynaud and Louise Carletti.

Game of power around cocktails.

With Janine Reynaud.

Right to left : With Jany Clair, Christa Lang, Dominique St Pierre and Dominique Page.

All united by the bonds of theft.

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