mardi 19 juin 2012

Our Disappearing Planet in Solihull

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In England, I recently participated to a convention for the eighteenth time. To be precise, it happened in Solihull, a pretty flowery town near Birmingham.

The organizer "Our Disappearing Planet" raises funds through special events in order to finance various nature preservation projects. A worthy cause to wich I was proud to lend a hand. I love animals. My faithful companion is a little Yorkshire.

Regularly, "Our Disappearing Planet" invites celebrities of yesterday and today to join in the circle of artists who lend themselves to these signing sessions.
In Solihull, as in each of my rendez-vous with the public, I was amazed with the warm welcome I was given.

The convention was held over two days. Close to 10 000 people came.
I met again with crowd of fans. Among them, some had followed the " Bray studios days" organized by Don Fearney in 1999.
Remarkable parades of star look- alikes enlivened the event ( Lady Gaga, a bigger than life Johnny Depp ).
Masseuses went from table to table in order to relieve the trapeze tensions actors and actresses all felt during the long signings sessions.
My neighbor at the table was none other than Yvonne Romain, the other Yvonne from "Circus of horrors".
We had the opportunity to exchange a few words and some shooting memories.
It was also a great pleasure to be reunited with Caroline Munro, a regular of " Our Disappearing Planet" conventions.

It was a busy weekend, loaded with emotions.
It is always a joy to back in dear old England, a country that gave me so much during my acting career with the successful "Brides of Dracula" and "The Terror of the Tongs".
During these meetings, I always measure how much these movies continue to mean to new generations. Fans aged 10 to 90 keep telling me they watch these fims over and over with renewed pleasure.

"Brides of Dracula" and " The Terror of the Tongs" remain very dear to my heart and continue to provide me with great encounters and friends all over the world.

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Great to see a new photo of you Yvonne! You look fantastique!