dimanche 10 juillet 2016

Capri, it's not over ! *

* a reference to a famous french song : Capri c'est fini.

Avventura a Capri ( 1958) with Nino Taranto

( lire la version française)
Dear friends and readers,

Here I am again, back from a lovely trip in my dear Italy.

I saw Naples again and its beautiful bay, the museum of Capodimonte where I could once more contemplate a Caravaggio I love : The flagellation of christ.

I strolled througn the historic center where I once shot Domenico Paolella movie : Non sono piu Gaglione.

I was very emotional to return to these shooting locations after all these years gone by ... but Capri ...
What an enchantement to see the magical island under the sun. so many memories resurfaced !

I wanted to share with you these pictures full of recklessness and exhilaration, taken shortly before the boating accident that almost cost me my life during the filming of Avventura a Capri.

I prefer to remember the adorable support of the show-biz personnalities who came to my bedside on that July 14, 1958.

There were among others, Henri-Georges Clouzot and his wife Vera, Colette de Jouvenel, daughter of Colette the immortal author of Ripening seed and the Claudine series, Félicien Marceau the author of Capri, petite île, the beautiful actress Françoise Arnoul and many others who sent me warm messages of friendship.

During these difficult days in the hospital, I also received a bouquet of red roses.
I never knew who is this mysterious italian stranger was.
He wrote :
" Ecco undici rose la dodecisima sei tu "

Here are eleven roses, the twelfth is you.

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