samedi 26 septembre 2009

It's the start of a new monster season !

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Fisrt of all, I wish to thank you all for your fidelity, your mails and warm comments. I also wish to welcome my new subscribers Steno, Nels, Claude, Mykal (Apologies to those I'm not quoting) and especially BbJane et Mathew Coniam who sent me some suggestions.

Ladies first :
- BbJane, who seems to particularly appreciate LE CONCERTO DE LA PEUR. Of course, I shall soon talk about this "new wave" style thriller, in which I co-starred with Michel Lemoine and Jean-Pierre Kalfon.

-Dear Matthew, I'm delighted to see that you're interested in english comedies such as INN FOR TROUBLE. Looking back, the classic style of these productions gives them a certain charm. I'll try to talk about that film from behind the scenes, even if it happened a long time ago in a memory far, far away.

Lastly, because they intrigued me and I have avidly read them, I recommend to my readers the blogs of Mykal, Mathew and Bbjane, who very intelligently keep alive the memories of the fantasy cinema we all ove so much.

I hope that you all spent smashing holidays !

As for me, MONSTERBASH 2009 was one of the most successful conventions I was invited to. The day after my arrival in the U.S., I was on stage to give a long interview about my career. I had just seen, not without emotion, the screening of a short movie about my filmography, with many clips from my international films. A superb job by Charles Henson, musically illustrated with an exquisite Sinatra song : My kind of girl.

I am always very happy to talk to an american audience, so joyful and positive. I felt this again while answering questions from the public. We very quickly wandered away from strictly cinephilic mattec to talk and joke about many other things.

This year, Universal studios were honored, with, among many guests, the child stars Janet Ann Gallow ( GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN ) and Donnie Dunagan ( SON OF
FRANKENSTEIN). Donnie was also the voice of Bambi in the Walt Disney masterpiece. He autographed some photos of the film for my grandson.

A lot of things happen in MONSTERBASH : screenings, shows, animations, signings, conferences. I met again my friend Zach Zito, puppeteer and author of a stop-motion FRANKENSTEIN with the voices of Ferdy Mayne, Joyce Dewitt, Peter Cushing et John Carradine. I found some time for a recording session for his next animated project. I read the magnificent Baudelaire poem LES METAMORPHOSES DU VAMPIRE.
I was quite at ease in that familiar universe !
I wish Zach a lot of success in this new venture.

The organizers of the MONSTERBASH 2009 convention succeeded once again in recreating the joyful and friendly spirit we had known in past editions. I came back absolutely thrilled, and I'll be happy to soon participate to another overseas happening but hush... I won't say more at this point !

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Matthew Coniam a dit…

Great to have you back! So glad you like my blog!