jeudi 22 avril 2010

Italian memories

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With the return of sunny days, I can't help thinking about my dear Italy. I look forward to returning there soon. Memories abound as soon as I'm back in Rome, where I lived for a long time.

In 1958, producer Franco Cristaldi (1), who had launched Claudia Cardinale's career, was looking for a new actress for future film projects.
He remarked me in André Hunebelle's "Mannequins of Paris".

With Madeleine Robinson in MANNEQUINS DE PARIS

My actress career debuted under the happy auspices of napolitan comedy and satire.
Come along and browse with me through some pages of this album I called "Italian memories".

La Cento Chilometri ( 1959) directed by Guilio Petroni

On Ostia beach, an impromptu photo session between two takes.

Spalvadi e innamorati ( 1959) directed by Giuseppe Vari

I was playing Sylvia, a napolitan fruit vendor. Here, with the great comic actor Memmo Carotenuto.

In Naples, people talk with their hands, and sometimes throw fruits to each other when clients are not satisfied.

Quel tesoro di papa (1959) directed by Marino Girolami

I was playing Marina. She was taking care of the farm and the old man in order to conquer Ennio Girolami's heart. Carlo Pisacane (left in the photo) was very happy to shoot several takes of this scene. His doctor had forbidden coffee and he took the opportunity to drink several cups !

With Ennio Girolami : after the wedding, the joys of marital bliss are faced with the harsh daily reality. You can't improvise being a good cook !

No sono più Guaglione (1958) directed by Domenico Paolella

With Gabriele Tinti, my acting partner who became, at the time, my real-life companion. In this film, I was lucky enough to play with Françoise Rosay. With me, she spoke at length about her prestigious career. For a young actress, it was a privilege just listening to her.

Gerarchi si muore ( 1961) directed by Giorgio Simonelli

In this satire, they tried to pass me off as a knight in shining armor ! A rather new situation and a very incomfortable one, which required the constant attention of the wardrobe director. Protecting yourself within an armour is not always an advantage !

(to be continued)

1-Franco Cristaldi ( 1924-1992) produced classics of italian comedy like BIG DEAL ON MADONNA STREET and DIVORCE-ITALIAN STYLE and great directors : Visconti's LE NOTTI BIANCHE , SANDRA and Fellini's I REMEMBER, AND THE SHIP SAILS ON.

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