jeudi 17 mars 2011

Three strangers in Rome 2/2

Here a few scenes from a DVD edition of the film.

The crowd gathered at St-Pierre at the beginning of the Easter week-end.

The three Milanese girls (Françoise Danell at my right and Claudia Cardinale on the other side) are decided to have a good time in the capital city.

With Claudia Cardinale under a new day ! The distorting mirrors of an attraction inspire us the idea of playing with appearances...

A young beguiled Roman ( Luciano Marin ) mistakes us for rich... danish tourists, and promises a visit of the city in the company of two of his friends.

While improvising a picnic, we work out a fool-proof plan to organize the evening and avoid any mistake.

Our hosts treat us to a visit of the Coliseum and the famous passage of the lions, where they would probably like to cage us !

That same evening, at La Grotta dei Piccioni, the Romans ( Luciano Marin, Roy Ciccolini, Leonardo Botta ) and true-false Danish girls dine, dance and drink a little too much ...

A little too drunk, the false Danish girls betray themselves singing real Milanese songs ! The next day, in the countryside, their hosts tease them at will.

Upset, they decide to go back on foot but the Romans soon join them. They propose an afternoon near the pool of a beautiful villa while owners are away.

With Luciano Marin. Hostilities are over. Previous enemies are now obvioulsy bonding in the charming theater of the Roman countryside.

Time for goodbyes and promises to meet again.

The city of Rome is never as beautiful than in the eyes of a loved one.

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jessica a dit…

Madame Monlaur,
C'est avec beaucoup d'émotion que je suis allée à la cinémathèque d'Orsay pour la rétrospective sur la Hammer production. Un public motivé et une émotion très forte.
Que de plaisir !

Daniele Marin a dit…

Hello, I told I was nephew of actor Memmo Carotenuto. Now I realize you acted with my daddy too! My father is Luciano Marin, and I'm very glad to see some of his photos with you! He's gonna be happy too.
Au revoir et merci madame!

Anonyme a dit…

I can't believe I've never heard of this film, but I would love to see it now!!