mardi 5 mai 2015

From Manchester to Cinecitta

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I was one of the guests of the 25th Manchester fantastic film festival last fall.
It is always a renewed pleasure to meet my fans and get to know other artists during signing sessions.
This is how I ended having a friendly discussion during a cocktail with italian director Ruggero Deodato.
Such an affable man that I had no idea that he had contribued so many horrible scenes to the gore cinema of the 80s !
We nostalgically talked about Italy during the sixties.

Hammer had many ambassadors during this edition.
Besides your host, there were delicious Caroline Munro, Judy Matheson, Janina Faye and the nice Robin Stewart. The son of Peter Cushing in The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires knew my films pretty well : Brides of Dracula and The terror of the Tongs. I appreciated his warm company and that of his wife Bertie.

With the guests of the 25th Manchester fantastic film festival

On the second day, Wayne Kinsey, the renowned Hammer historian, was supposed to interview me about my career.
The interview ended with a series of questions from audience.
Some were particularly interested in the Melville Shavelson film : It Started in Naples.
This comedy starred beautiful Sophia Loren and Clark Gable, my idol since I have discovered him in the classic: Gone with the wind.
My appearance in It Started in Naples is so brief that I advise unknowing viewers to avoid blinking during the film, otherwise they would miss me !

I played a hostess in a nightclub. I had to whisper a few amiable words in Clark Gable's ear.
I was delighted to shoot this short scene, and yet nervous to have to face this legendary star.
As a gentleman he was, Gable immediately put me at ease during rehearsals.
Not far away on the set, his wife watched him behave more than closely. She seemed quite used to it !

I remember Cinecitta studios, so alive at the time.
The set decoration department of the great master Fellini was then building Marcello Mastroiani's appartments for what would be one of his masterpieces: La dolce vita.

I had auditionned for the role of Maddalena. I remember playing a scene, lying on a canopy bed.
Fellini directed me with a lot of energy and communicative enthusiasm. He was literally playing my character. He acted the same with all his cast. He took the time to tell me why I was not right for the part. I was too angelic, too solar, probably too earthy. He needed a most stylish beauty, more sophisticated.
Anouk Aimée finally immortalized the role of Maddalena.

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