dimanche 29 mars 2009

Yves Saint Laurent

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A good deal of patience was necessary to be able to enter the Grand Palais on that Sunday, February 22, 2009, and admire the works of art from the collection of Yves Saint Laurent - Pierre Bergé before they were scattered away during one of the most memorable auctions of the decade.
Paintings from the great masters, sculptures, prestigious furniture.

Their esthetic choices reminded me of the complex and modern portrait of the great fashion designer, whom I had once met, back when he still was an assistant modelist working for Dior. I was a model for their in-house collections. I also wore dresses during photo shoots for the great fashion and cultural magazines: Elle, Marie-Claire, Paris Match (1).

At the time, Yves Saint Laurent already had a very precise idea of where he wanted feminine fashion to go. A novel idea of women emancipation through the reappropriation of the tuxedo that was already clear in his mind in 1955.

He told me :
- You can wear this black jacket with black trousers but you’ve got to add a touch of colour to break the austerity. Match them with a pink blouse.

He established a clever and elegant gender blending, a modern art of contrasts, that he later expanded amidst this sumptuous environment of art pieces from all ages and all esthetic styles (Goya, Mondrian, Chirico, Matisse).

Such an ecclectism helped maintain the momentum of his extraordinary creative process.

Black and pink have remained my favorite colours.

(1)- Many of these were made by Willy Rizzo et Lionel Kazan. Talented photographers I wish to pay homage to. After one of these « teenage » photo shoots for Elle, I was remarked by film director André Hunebelle. _____________________________________________

Thanks to Daniel Rapina for his documentation

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