mardi 22 mars 2016

Memories, memories ( again )

With the return of the spring, here are a few notes from my scrapbook.
Those of you who have read me for a long time will not be surprised by these pictures
of my beloved Italy that  I will be happy to see again in May during my stay in Naples and Capri.

Tip not included ( 1966)
In the great tradition of the Americans thrillers, smoking is an essential accessory of seduction.
It was common at the time to fill the set with smoke during such scenes.

Here I take refuge from the Roman sun in the shadow of a lemon tree.
In vain, since I'm already quite tanned !

Al mare pago io (1963)
Also in Italy, in Camogli near Genoa, filming Solo,
also called Al mare pago io, with René Quellet.
A co-production with Switzerland. This delightfull film was never finished.
It was screened at the Swiss Cinemathèque on 05/02/2013.

Hello from my terrace at the Parioli, close to the Borghese Gardens.
All the photos of my life in Rome are dear to my heart.

Tip not included ( 1966 )
Off set, a wrestler teaches me a combat technique.
Unlike in the scenario, here the heroine overcomes her opponent
with a certain satisfaction !

This charming fantasy cliché is part of many photos
I made for magazine covers.
At the time, I wast not in France anymore, but the press had not forgotten me.
I also remember posing in such photo shoots with Pierre Brice, who passed away recently.

To conclude, here is one of my favorites portraits.
Taken shortly before André Hunebelle's Mannequins de Paris by Sam Levin,
photographer of the stars.
I was then a junior model. These pictures by Levin had
an indeniable role in the beginning of my film career.