lundi 20 février 2017

Agence Interim : Banque (1969)

With Georges Adet and Marius Laurey

( lire la version française)
When my agent offered me a part in a French series, I welcomed the news with shared feelings.
Of course, I was delighted to shoot again in my country, I had a good memory of Claude Pierson’s “Chevalier Bayard” and Dominique Nohain’s “Ah the women”, but I had arrived at a time in my career where I wanted to ease up a bit. Besides, I was several months pregnant, and the promise of a happy event occupied all my thoughts.

The director of the series, Marcel Moussy, insisted on meeting me. He asked me if I liked to sing. He was ready to wait for the birth of my son towards the end of winter to continue filming of the episode with me.

As Peggy

Summary :
Two night watchmen in a bank ask to be replaced to go to a feast in Brittany. That night, criminals decide to rob the bank ...

“Agence Interim: Banque” remains a fond memory. On this occasion, I had Pierre Richard as a partner. He was a very nice man, and one could easily foresee that he would have a great career, given his irresistible comic power.

I even remember seeing the talented Francis Veber join him during a lunch break. There was already a great complicity between these two artists.

With Pierre Richard

The wardrobe lady had found me a very pretty costume of a dancer in gold lame. She made me wear a very tight corset to hide the curves of my past pregnancy.

The episode was a tribute to the Music-Hall with a nod to the burlesque films, evidenced by a mad rush in the middle of the plot.

For my part, I had the great honor of singing Mistinguett’s biggest hit : “C’est vrai !”
It is the kind of fantasy that French television could afford at that time, in spite of a tight budget, but with such a sense of entertainment that it still gives today a certain charm to all these amused and amusing productions !

With Pierre Richard

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